The personalized wellness evaluation will begin with Dr Jean-Pierre reviewing the clients past medical history, medications and physical activity levels.  He will then perform a comprehensive physical exam which will include a pre-participation musculoskeletal examination.  Based on the particular evaluation, the patient will get extensive lab testing to further assess their well-being.  Their body fat composition and bone density will be further assessed with DEXA testing.

To come up with the best personalized program, a patient's dietary and meal history will be further evaluated by the nutritionist.  Any musculoskeletal injuries and ailments will be further assessed by physical therapy staff to help prevent any injuries and best develop an exercise plan.

Using this unique comprehensive work up; Dr Jean-Pierre will develop a treatment plan using the following services:

- Diet and meal plan
- Exercise prescription
- Nutritional supplements
- Medications
- Bio Identical Hormone Replacement
- Steroid and platelet rich plasma injections


The patient after the initial evaluation will come back in 2 weeks to discuss their lab results, nutrition and physical therapy evaluation. After the treatment plan the patient will return in 2-3 months for repeat evaluation and testing.

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